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I'm Iya Awujo DvinaEstrella Ramey.

Iya Awujo means "Community Mother" (Co-Madre) In Yoruba

I am the The Founder/Executive Director of Non- Profit Water & Honey Community Well Inc.

The Lead Doula, Educator, Counselor and Ceremonialist behind Sistas In Service International (wellness program of Water & Honey Community Well Inc),

and the Founder of Incense Gurl Handcrafted Fragrant wares established in 1998,

I am 43 and the mother of 7 biological children, a step son, a daughter in love, and a grandbaby, ages ranging from 30-2. My family and lineage hails from North America: New Orleans and all over Louisiana, Missississipi, Texas, Arkansas, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Canada, The Caribbean, Europe and Africa. I was born in Oakland raised in Berkeley, and currently live in and serve the California, Oakland, San Francisco greater Bay Area! I love to; sing, dance, garden, travel, cook for and host family and friends, work with the youth, commune with elders, work with my hands, innovate, study history and culture, and I'm generally up for anything I can do to uplift and support my community, while also having fun, especially in nature! I approach healing, education, ceremony, maternal care, and family support, with an "All things Love" mindset. It does'nt matter who you are, where you come from, what age you are, nationality, sexual orientation, beliefs or backround, I will love, respect, and support you to the best of my ability. I dont claim to be perfect, I aim to be accountable and to remain teachable. To work to encourage, support and sustain my highest good, as well as, those I have the honor of working with. Love, patience, reciprocity, kindness, active listening, non judgement, and respect are some of most powerful gifts we can develop in our characters, and in turn, give to ourselves first, then, each other and the whole world. MY CREDENTIALS *Founder of (wellness program of Water & Honey)

* 34 years training in vocal arts performance presentation * 15 years serving as Full Spectrum Doula * A homeschooler of 10+ years * 8 years Training with Omnira Institute and Singing Traditional Yoruba Songs with Awon Ohun Omnira * Indigenous Baby wearing and Belly wrapping Educator * Trained as Full spectrum Doula with Shafia Monroe's former, International Center for Traditional Childbearing, currently, Shafia Monroe's Consulting * Mentee'd with Samsarah Morgan's Shipirah's Circle Doula Program * Studied Closing of the Hips and Bones with Maria Acension Ramos Bracamontes's, Como Te Amo Midwifery * Certified Community Herbalist via Indigenous Remedies * Trauma Informed Care Trained via; Catholic Charities Day Star Program, Aremisa May's, Keepers of the Womb, Nola Brantley Speaks, Norma Ward's CSEC Mentor training * Lived experience of 17 pregnancies resulting in live births, miscarriages, abortions, c-sections, breech birth ,hospital birth with and without medical pain management, and homebirths * A personal Survivor of Human trafficking, Suicide attempts, Drug Abuse, and Domestic violence * Peer Counselor via Inside Outside Circle Foundation * Certified ( Adult) End of Life Doula * First aid level Adult, Toddler, and Infant CPR Trained EMR * Lactation informant and advocate via The B.L.A.C.K. Course * Childbirth Education Facilitator 6 wks or 2-day 7hr intensive * Ordained Minister and Celebrant in good standing. * Practitioner of Ifa Yoruba Tradition , Moondancer and Sacred Pipe Carrier in the Mexica/Anahauc Tradition, ​

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Davina Ramey

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